Foreclosure Credit Fix Network

What is Foreclosure Credit Fix Network?

Foreclosure Credit Fix Network are National Foundation for Credit Counseling ( members, HUD approved housing counselors, realtors, lenders, loan originators and credit reporting agencies that want to be available to assist those coming back into the housing market  but who may have a foreclosure code on past short sale, deed in lieu or modification credit. is a website that was made to assist potentially affects consumers who have a past short sale, deed in lieu, modification or past excessive mortgage lates to check if past mortgage credit has foreclosure code applied….before the consumer signs a new contract. Too often, this issue comes up during a new contract because the foreclosure code is not visible on a credit report. If there are problems, counselors will be able to assist with corrections so that clients can be  “mortgage ready” when you are eligible for a new home purchase again. The service has a fee but loan originators can provide a credit back to the closing costs for a new home mortgage for consumers who use the service.  More about this service can be found at

Want to Join the Help Network?

Do you know if your past short sale, modification, deed-in-lieu or excessive mortgage late payments will show up as a foreclosure and cause you problems when getting a new mortgage?

Check the map  for local National Foundation for Consumer Credit (NFCC) members, HUD approved housing counseling agencies, realtors, loan originators, lenders and credit reporting agency that would like to be a referring partner of affected clients.

After services to assist in correcting credit are applied, clients can proceed back to their realtor, lender and loan originator  for a new mortgage.

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