Reduced Income and Increased Debt Table

Loan Originator: Download this form, input borrower, co-borrower yearly income, PITI & HOA, and additional expenses incurred prior to short sale/foreclosure. This table is designed to show reduced income for FHA Back to Work program and/or an increase in expenses noted as extenuating circumstances for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and USDA for medical).

This is a responsive form that can be filled in and printed. BEFORE you begin inputting information, please download the form and save it to your computer.

Download, save, view full page available at the bottom of the worksheet. In view full page the “Print” button is available. (Let page load).

DO NOT COMPLETE this form online. It will not save your data. FIRST DOWNLOAD the form, then enter the data. Save to your computer, print and you are all set.