Lender Letter

If “Date Reported” is problem, retrieve Lender Letter stating correct closing date of short sale or other credit.

Call your past short sale lender and ask for the “Executive Mortgage Complaint Escalation” phone number. Call this phone # and ask for a letter stating that your past mortgage closed as a short sale with the date of the short sale closing.


  1. Have your HUD-1 Closing Statement and the short sale approval letter(s) for the 1st (and 2nd ) mtg. ready upon this call. Confirm when this letter will be sent.
  2. (For CFPB: Submit a Complaint, attach this letter received from past short sale lender on Step 4. Product Information of CFPB directions.)
  3. Provide this letter to your mortgage lender and ask them to re-pull a new credit report.
  4. Have your lender rerun your loan with the new credit report through Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriting. This should result in an Approve/Eligible, or an Approve/Ineligible that can be fixed with proof of the short sale date.

2 sample Letters from Lender:


Bank letter

Albright WF letter