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In the 21st century we have experienced one of the most rapid ascensions and descents in real estate history. Many called it a "market correction." Some called it "the housing bubble." Others used the term "real estate crisis."

No matter what you call the roller coaster of the real estate business in this generation, most would agree that it has shaken our country to its core. With a consumer-driven economy, rapid inflation and huge numbers of unemployed workers, many were forced to short sale their homes, have endured the humility of foreclosure on their properties, and even been left homeless.

As a professional mortgage broker for over 25 years, I began to look "why" many who were accused by the media, both directly and indirectly, of strategically defaulting on their mortgages had lost their homes. Were they going to try again? Would it even be feasible for them to re-enter this staple of the American dream called Home Ownership?

I discovered some sad stories, most of which were not what we heard on television or in the news. Some of my clients have even agreed to tell their stories, and that has helped me testify before the U.S. Congress to get policies changed and work toward fixing the problems. Many of these Short Sellers had been told to stop paying their mortgage in order to get their property sold by their lender! Then their valuable credit files were being coded as "foreclosures," which was not correct.

Today, we are working to connect those who lost their homes, but want to obtain a new mortgage and start again; with those who are willing to take the time to correct errors in record, help them state the truth of their case; along with realtors who can work with a new system that helps sell damaged properties within a set of guidelines to make the home repairs part of the mortgage package - and begin renewing our commitment to helping Americans become homeowners once again.

Newspaper Reports:

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Fix for Fannie Mae's short-sale credit flaw on way, Sen. Nelson says Aug. 22, 2013

Senator Nelson pushes for reform of "short sales" on credit reports June 25, 2013

Homeowners who used short sales find their credit sunk by computer glitch June 12, 2013

 Sen. Bill Nelson in Tampa today for talks with short-sale officials May 28, 2013

Sen. Nelson slams regulators, credit bureaus for short-sale confusion May 14, 2013  

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Mortgage broker fights lender folly April 6, 2012 
Tampa Bay Loan Officer Initiates White House Petition to Stop Nationwide Strategic Defaults March 12, 2012

Ken Harney, Washington Post:

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National Mortgage Professional Magazine:

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Scotsman Guide:

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