Borrowers, There is a chance you may be able to be approved for a mortgage for a shorter wait timeframe after your short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy but only with “extenuating circumstances”.

Please check the different loan types for applicable “extenuating circumstances” first. If you believe that you have circumstances that fit the criteria, please fill out the following form and provide all documentation asked for with it to your loan originator.

Borrowers must explain what the extenuating circumstances were and why they contributed to the need for your distressed sale.

If you are applying for a shorter term “extenuating circumstance” mortgage, make sure that the lender you apply to will consider this type of mortgage first. Lender who may accept “extenuating circumstances” and provide the FHA Back to Work program can be found on this website.

This form gives you the framework for how to show the extenuating circumstance.

  • Borrowers should download this form and complete it on your own computer.
  • Provide the completed form, and items noted in gray areas, to your loan originator.
  • You can view the form in “View full-size Worksheet” view full size wksht at the bottom of the sheet. In this mode, “Print” button is available at upper right. (Let page load first.)

DO NOT fill this form out on the website. It will only save your data on your computer!

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