About Housing Crisis Stories.com

Help for Distressed Homeowners, Boomerang Buyers and a Better Way to Sell Damaged Properties in Need of Renovation

This site was created to assist 7.1 million Distressed Homeowners who can stay put in underwater homes and for problems that affect 7.3 million Boomerang Buyers, or those who had a short sale or foreclosure in the past, and are eligible to come back into the housing market over the next 8 years. A novel idea to promote repairs and costs with available mortgage financing upfront for damaged housing inventory is also here.

A national HELP Network has been set up to include loan originators, lenders, realtors, credit reporting agencies, HUD approved counselors, FHA Inspectors, PMI companies and government agencies that desire to assist Distressed Homeowners, Boomerang Buyers and buyers and realtors who need renovation mortgages for dilapidated housing inventory.

And most important… for those of you affected by this housing crisis, we need your stories of what REALLY happened… through video or a written story.

Tell your story. Finally, those that can help are listening.

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